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[工作信息] 招聘Tour Coordinator,part time

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Are you an energetic, friendly, responsible and out-going person who can speak both fluent English and Chinese (Mandarin) and just love working with people, especially the young ones? Are you interested in/studying tourism or fond of travelling in different countries? Then you are the right person we are looking for!
Who are we?
As one of the largest and most influential educational organisations in New Zealand, we proudly promote and develop cross-border educational cultural programs and establish sister-school relationships for schools in New Zealand and China.
2-15 July 2017
2-20 August 2017
Roles and responsibilities
- Lead, support and assist a group of short-term exchange Chinese students visit NZ schools and travel around Auckland.
- Group supervision of the Chinese students for up to 10 days, take turns with teachers from China for various responsibilities.
- Guide and help students to plan and carry out researches on inquiry learning topics.           
- Promote NZ culture and encourage student participation in ALL activities.           
- Answer all questions students and teachers may have about New Zealand.
- Work with other staff to iron out difficulties with itineraries, bus routes and activities.
- Help develop, carry out and evaluate the exchange program that reflects the goals of the visit.   
- Gain money and experience in a fun and challenging way;
- Ideal for undergraduates or new graduates to get working and social experiences;
- One-off opportunity but potential long-term employment;
- Reference from us in the area of education and tourism.
Skills & Attributes
- Highly Responsible, Reliable and Caring;
- Great communication skills and the ability to work under pressures;
- Compassionate, Outgoing, Building relationships with all ages;
- Preferable students majoring in Tourism/Journalism/Art/Sports etc.
Interested? Apply now! Your application will include:
• Cover letter
• Current CV
Recruitment close on 28 April 2017
Please email your application to [email protected] | (09) 3681231
Only selected person will be contacted.  
发表于 2017-4-27 11:13:45 | 显示全部楼层
yes,I am very interested in what you said,and actually I am doing same thing.I 'll send my CV to you.
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