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[求职攻略] 不同工作的求职信

发表于 2013-7-27 19:27:52 | 显示全部楼层 |阅读模式


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* t* B4 {' z" H/ j5 n) U8 g$ w+ L: m9 L5 U' J
1. 诚恳部分– 表现出自己真的很有兴趣,很诚恳地想在这地方上班。
2 k. n1 @1 v5 A  D1 Y
8 O' J; V) [& B% X) z$ F2. 直接部分 – 把自己想要的东西,直接写出来。你要了解雇主也许没有什么时间阅读你的信,所以越精简越好。
9 T* G" a3 x, x/ Z" L- q: l
. `' v; d( T( X! b& K! L9 M3. 优点部分 – 虽然这一个环节看起来很假,但是若你的人真的很好,那就不怕说出来哦。这是唯一可以把你自己卖出去的机会。
5 W0 x0 B2 h8 C% P8 g
  I7 L% C2 e: Q0 e9 g( Y- B- \3 S掌握了这三大部分的话,雇主就会觉得你对此份工作很认真,并且很有热诚。# T  ?3 A, X1 ^

$ K5 H2 a1 {5 ?8 u2 ^) Z. B( x其他的工作求职信
% j: C) q0 j0 z& n* u4 k
Dear sir/madam,* t6 T! Z! z, |% d& h7 ^; M8 Y
) O% J1 I8 v+ W2 Z" N5 y. x6 |, ~
I came from China, and I am holding a WHV. I never tried skydive and I 6 k% Q8 W- g( C
would love to do that one day! I am so excited when I first saw your ad in the
% T3 P& b0 R4 c' {internet. This has been my dream, I will never have the chance to do something
0 u0 X! W8 t# d) S( g6 w0 N1 mlike this when I am back in my home country.

) H  O, g0 ?# x2 `3 P3 ]- J 4 j8 b/ J) d" |
As a Chinese, I am multilingual. Therefore, I believe, I am suitable to put
1 X- I3 ]- V, G; J% @8 R% d8 Qbe put on servicing front line, ticketing. I have a sweet voice, cheerful smile,
) O! A  n; Z" b- j: Z' _9 kever going energy to attend customers’ request.
0 ~5 k$ A2 v2 G) @$ {9 B/ c

- @, v, T" L7 F+ w) H9 xI worked in a video production film before and I already used to tight % t; h: m! l; C
datelines, pressure, work in a team, liaise with different departments. All this
* r/ e% L* L9 c: ]$ ]9 ~' }I found out is very similar to the job description. It should be no problem for $ f5 f( S0 q. ]& c1 i
me to adapt to the new environment.
  F+ U. ]5 M+ @9 N( ]# a  s
- A: K6 e# e+ S( k* f9 R
I am a degree holder in mathematics. Therefore I work well with logical " a" t- q, M7 H; Z
thinking and numbers. I am confident to say that I have minimum mistakes with
1 K6 E2 E$ x; B5 D" q' {& h5 [numbers.
6 H# i, j6 K! t0 l* y; Z" L. ]

0 J- G4 k: s5 O  N+ mI am glad for your kind attention, in reviewing my CV, and I do hope I manage
% L- V: l1 V0 x3 o- xto be on time to hop on and to be a Free Fall new member.

: S0 V! q- m5 r其它帖子参考:
. Z+ v2 E) n+ H: R6 ~8 N# _写出漂亮的cover letter卖自己出去7 n$ m8 ^6 o; d, j, t& ]. L
# C$ T! B; c+ S/ `

/ b  \9 j; U) J# F2 U( E+ w9 m; W  {: [6 J

+ [" Q6 ?) h5 e& k$ V/ {
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没看完~~~~~~ 先顶,好同志
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mark 一下
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好好 学习了 确实不错
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