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[官网名额] 2014/15名额开放时间更新

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China Working Holiday Scheme
6 H( _$ B4 C$ T. G/ W( `8 _

% x9 B2 t+ T' KEach year, 1000 places are available under this scheme allowing young citizens of China to stay in New Zealand for up to 12 months.& }- T: _# I' c! u8 J
# b2 y) H. n. z$ `( R

! q- L1 g0 e& U  P1 r' H* n2014/15 quotaThe 2014/15 quota will open on 8 July 2014 at 10:00am New Zealand time.- V9 u, r% b) Q7 o$ |) o
Online application serviceApplications under this scheme must be made using the online application system. Manual or paper-based applications which are received by Immigration New Zealand (INZ) will be returned to the applicant.  F( ^6 a' ]0 Z# i9 |. R) {

7 e. O0 C2 {' ^' W# Y' g5 VIf your application is accepted in the online system, you will be advised by email and asked to send in further documentation to the appropriate receiving office within a specified timeframe.# f9 B6 w* ^7 D8 \. _" K
& ^4 [2 O* t2 G5 `
However, before you think about applying, please read the following important information.6 L. U3 Q+ m; Z% N! Y
To be eligibleYou must:
- Z5 q! q8 J3 x" o
  • be ordinarily resident in the People’s Republic of China (PRC) (this requirement is not met if you have been absent from the PRC for more than two years immediately preceding your application)
  • be actually resident in the PRC at the time of applying
  • have a passport from the PRC that is valid for at least three months after your planned departure from New Zealand
  • be at least 18 and not more than 30 years old
  • not bring children with you
  • hold a return ticket, or sufficient funds to purchase such a ticket (you must hold sufficient funds for the duration of your visit and for the purchase of an outward ticket from New Zealand, and this evidence may be requested when you arrive at the border)
  • have a minimum of NZ$4,200 available funds to meet your living costs while you are here
  • meet our health and character requirements
  • hold medical and comprehensive hospitalisation insurance for the length of your stay
  • be coming to New Zealand to holiday, with work or study being secondary intentions for your visit
  • have a senior high school qualification (gao zhong xue li) granted in respect of a minimum of three years’ full-time study which has been verified by the China Academic Degrees and Graduate Education Development Centre (CDGDC)
  • have evidence of the CDGDC’s verification of your qualification
  • have a level of proficiency in English that is assessed as at least functional (see note below), and
  • not have been approved a visa under a working holiday scheme before.0 ~. N1 g6 [( t  Z; ?" G
* f! M9 W/ E5 }
Note: An applicant’s proficiency in English is deemed to be at least functional if they can provide a certificate from the International English Language Testing System (IELTS), showing they achieved an average level of 5.5 over the four components of the test. The IELTS certificate must be no more than two years old when you submit your application. This is the only way to prove English proficiency.4 ~" i; z. B% h$ q  b: t$ w- h
Health requirementsYou will need to meet our health requirements for temporary entry to New Zealand.
) [8 \5 [# v6 _, @2 r) w- q0 w* e+ ^" _  d% Q* B( H
The online system will tell you whether you need to send us a completed medical and/or chest X-ray certificate, and, if so, how to do it, when you submit your application. This is based on the maximum length of stay that you are allowed under your country's working holiday scheme (not your intended stay), along with your responses to our health requirements questions.
& {0 H* \$ k& M7 |; E+ nCharacter requirementsYou will need to meet our character requirements for temporary entry to New Zealand.6 G( d4 R$ p5 r+ M5 A! k

9 {( a( r7 E# q* i; t; X$ C
Note: If we do have concerns about your character and require additional information, such as a police certificate, the processing of your application may be delayed.
When you are here
  • You must not take up permanent employment (unless you apply for and are granted an ordinary work visa while you are here).
  • You must not work for the same employer for more than three months.
  • You can enrol in one or more courses of training or study of up to three months’ duration in total during your visit.
    0 C* I, u! e; }) Y; o

  j# |( g  |1 n7 x/ }% fPlease note: New Zealand law prohibits any person on a temporary visa including a Working Holiday Scheme work visa, from providing commercial sexual services, or operating or investing in a business which provides such services.
. W( W8 {2 d0 Z1 iTaxLike all New Zealand workers, you will need an IRD number so that your employer can deduct tax from your earnings at the correct rate. In New Zealand, you pay tax on a pay as you earn (PAYE) basis. This means that there should not be a large refund or an amount to pay when you leave. Inland Revenue's Travelling to New Zealand webpage [external link].( k8 }% i0 c; D, b
How do I apply?Applications under this working holiday scheme must be made online./ Q7 V& W( S% ~
4 v9 \$ ^) E9 Y. H$ C
To apply online, go to the Online Services Login page, where you can register for online services; if you have already registered you can log in and access the Working Holiday Scheme online application system. Check our questions and answers for more information on the online application system.+ v4 p9 G9 f+ F8 Q
2 d+ o2 X! P. j3 D7 N" P% ?% {/ a

3 Z) h" [/ A4 C4 ?/ G6 G" }" Q: s! YPage Last Updated: 28 May 2014+ a: {4 \! X  |7 z, G

+ V! B1 A9 b# U5 P0 ~3 |
$ r  a1 \3 Y9 F  Z$ a
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[来自微博网友: 把P档按坏 的回复]
WHVer  发表于 2014-5-28 15:23:46
回复@乐心的鳄鱼:先抢吧 否则又得等一年了

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WHVer  发表于 2014-5-28 15:21:12
@蔣蔣蔣蔣蔣悶丁 @金33再读书读毛书啊读

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我七月12日考雅思,来不及了是吗?6 B) e3 ?1 N$ W  H" [
* S, X* F9 u0 z, W6 _
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乐心的鳄鱼 发表于 2014-5-28 15:11
9 I- m/ N' |& n3 f4 ~( u) f) u我七月12日考雅思,来不及了是吗?
. c6 [1 B. ]6 q# x: l7 R0 Y: d( M! m0 E
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+ `4 R% |* J( B0 S2 M
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$ v4 d4 @: N7 D7 J9 a$ ?7 e* k. k2 a7 n
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